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Welcome to Simrit Murals

Simrit Murals create beautifully hand-painted and bespoke murals for both children and grown-ups, within private residences and commercial settings.  Simrit can transform any interior into a variety of artistic realms, small and simplistic designs to more large and complex creations. Different and diverse unique wall paintings appropriate to your taste can complement the decor and add a special finesse to your home and business.

In addition to hand-painted custom murals, Simrit creates cosmic-night-skies, from simple starry-filled skies to 3D effects, which are proven to be magical and beautiful, using both special-effect paints and careful techniques to give a universe night sky appearance. Not only does it benefit children in literally every way, but can also be enchanting and breathtaking for us adults too. Your white ceiling will stay exactly as it is, without having to paint any area black. Further details can be seen here.

This site features a selection of Simrit’s artworks, which include canvas paintings and mural examples. Navigate through the various links on the site to view galleries showing some of her work. Simrit is available for the creation of murals, large or small, and is happy to discuss your requirements: Contact her here.

See Gallery for examples.

Toy Story Mural Process

C h i l d r e n 's   R o o m s

Simrit also specialises in creating murals for children’s room, from simplistic to comprehensive designs that cover a multitude of venues from baby nurseries, crèches to play rooms.

The re-designed space can realise dreamlands, evoke positive reactions and stimulate the imagination for the child they are created and designed for.

Being in touch with the child’s perspective, the playful aspects of a childhood experience are reflected in the artwork, which can be fun, imaginative and thought-provoking.

Murals can be minimal, yet beautifully effective. An example is of a butterfly themed mural, seen in the Nature Murals gallery. This mural was developed to incorporate the nursery room’s decor and colour-scheme.

Incorporating art therapy, Simrit has previously worked with children with varied special needs for over a decade which included children with autism spectrum conditions and children with learning disability. Simrit has an Honours degree in Psychology and an MA in Art Psychotherapy.

Click here to view the mural process

littlesimrit fruits 001

Simrit will tailor her work to your needs and direct specifications, and will work out a time-frame for the estimated duration of the work.

Each quote is personalised to each specific mural, in relation to detail and complexity of the design, materials, combined with the time needed for completion.

Pricing and Preparation can be seen here

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